Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unusual Animals - Photos of Biggest Animals

Biggest Stingray

Biggest Squids

Biggest Toad

Big Fish

Long Fish

Biggest Reindeer

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Animal Conservation - Elephant census in Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka conducted a census of elephants in Minneriya National Park on Friday (12 / 8). The census was held because the number of elephants in Sri Lanka continue to increase until 5000-6000 tails. In addition, the increasing number of reports of elephant attacks on the population also became one of the reasons. (Photo: AP Photo / Chamila Karunarathne)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Species - Mystery, Nameless Strange Creatures

Earth turned out to save millions of secrets. Scientists estimate there are still about 7 million species are still unknown despite many years of life on Earth. Some are visible in this image is slightly among species newly discovered and yet to be named. (Photo: AP Photo)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Animal News - Vacuum Blood Bats Start Aims Man

Spread region of blood-sucking bats continued to expand due to climate change.

A teenager from Mexico became the first person in the United States died from blood-sucking bats. Worryingly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that the bat was likely to spread throughout the country.

19-year-old migrant worker was exposed to rabies caused by bat bites at the heel, 15 July 2010. He was bitten in Michoacan, 10 days before departure to the United States to work in the sugar mill, in Louisiana.

"This case is the first case in which the man killed by bite and exposure rabies virus is transmitted by blood-sucking bats in the United States," said the CDC report, as quoted by Fox News, August 15, 2011.

Reportedly, the teenager fell ill two weeks after being bitten because it is not given a rabies vaccination. He himself went for treatment complaining of pain in the shoulders, fatigue, disturbances in the left eye, and numbness in the left arm. In addition, he also experienced breathing problems and high

New Species - Found, Fanged Frogs in Sulawesi Indonesia

There are 13 species of fanged frogs were found. Among has not been described.

Again, the archipelago show biological wealth. The team of scientists from Canada found unique animals on the island of Sulawesi: fanged frog.

Ben Evans, a zoologist from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario - along with colleagues from Indonesia and the U.S. - find 13 species of fanged frogs in Sulawesi. This finding is more than ever found in the Philippines earlier.

Among these are species that have not been described by science. The discovery is reported in the journal The American Naturalist, August issue.

Included in the fanged frogs of the genus Limnonectes - aimed at naming the two protrusions in the lower jaw jawbone them. Although the fang-like, it's not true bulge teeth. Because, they do not have roots and characteristics of the tooth. viva

Friday, August 12, 2011

Animal Fact: 7 Greediest Animals in the World

1. Tasmanian Devil
Aussie native animals can eat food as much as 40% of its body weight in just 30 minutes. It may sound normal, but let us compare with humans, then it's just the same as we ate 216 hamburgers in the same tempo.

2. Wide Mouth Frog Argentina
Also known as a horned toad, Argentinean wide-mouthed frog is not very daunted or afraid when visited food. These animals eat whatever he wants, such as mice, small lizards and snakes. Even so greedy, his stomach could be torn because of glut.

3. Snakes Pythons
This without leg animals can ingest food that is even greater than his own head. Because it has a sluggish digestive system, then the python takes a long time to eat again, roughly within a few days or even months.

4. Tiger Shark
This Wild animal will eat anything in front of him, ranging from shoes, to shards of armor plate ever found in his stomach. Sometimes also he bit into something that is impossible he could chew. Gluttony tiger shark has even started before they were born into the world beneath the sea, in the belly of her mother, they were devoured one another.

5. Bird Heriang
This one is a carnivorous bird level one. Their food is meat, only meat and only meat, although meat is served "half baked" (new dead animal) and already decomposing. They will eat dead animals as much as possible, as quickly as possible, to the extent of their weight to 20% more weight after eating.

6. Pig
These animals are very greedy, although a small stomach. One fact about this pig, this animal likes to sleep in the dirt, aka pup of his own, very dirty sich so that his body is full of his own feces. Although the farm was very clean.

7. Vampire Bats
Animals "cute" is only as big as an adult thumb, but its sharp teeth can tear the blood vessels and suck our blood, as much as five teaspoons bite. Luckily, he prefers cow instead of us. Unfortunately for cattle, these animals before sucking blood, he would "piss" victim first.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Super Strange: A Calve Alive With Only Two Legs

The cattle ranchers in Kebonagung Hamlet, Village Tridadi, Beran District, Sleman District, Central Java, Indonesia was shocked with cattle birth defect that has only two hind legs. However, the calve is able to live a normal life.