Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Animal: Cat whiskers Hitler (Kitler)

Just because the sign and shape of the black fur on his face like whiskers German dictator, Adolf Hitler, a small cat difficult to find employers. It also makes it named "Kitler ', a mix of kitten and Hitler.

Six-week-old cat was previously found on the roadside. Until finally Kitler accommodated at Wood Green animal shelter, Cambridgeshire, England, until now no one has wanted to adopt him.

One of the staff of the Wood Green revealed, they are difficult to find people who want to adopt Kitler.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Great Animal: A Leopard Pounced On Police

Leopard attacks ranger in a village near Salugara Prakash Nagar, on the outskirts of Siliguri, India, Tuesday (19 / 7). The Tigers lost to the village and assaulted several people, before being caught by forest officials. Photo: AP Photo

Top Great Animal: The Fastest Animals In The World (2)

Wildebeest - 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

Fox - 42 Miles / hour (67.2 km / h)

HORSE - 47.5 Miles / hour (76 km / h)

Thompson DEER - 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

Top Great Animal: The Fastest Animals In The World (1)

CHEETAH - 70 Miles / hour (112 km / h)

Coyote - 43 Miles / hour (68.8 km / h)

Lion - 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

HUNTER DOG - 45 Miles / hour (72 km / h)

Antelope - 61 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Amazing Animal: A Cat Still Alive with An Arrow Stuck On Its Head

'Cats animate nine', probably a term we often hear is true. Max, a cat in Santa Cruz, California, United States, had rushed to the Animal Hospital of Santa Cruz after an arrow lodged in its head, Sunday (10 / 4). But after going through the process of surgery, successfully removed the arrow. Animal supervisors of Santa Cruz suspect, arrows along 12 inch is derived from a crossbow. But the officers still investigating a possible suspect.

Top Animal Show: 11th Thailand Cat Show

A show entitled '11th Thailand Cat Show 'held in Bangkok, Thailand, 16-17 July 2011. In this event, a number of beautiful cats dressed in a variety show with colorful accessories. (Photo: AP Photo / Sakchai Lalit)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top Great Animal: Photos Of The Process of Catching Giant Snake

Ever heard of the anaconda snake? Snakes have been a legend. Originally giant anaconda lives in the waters and marshes around Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, western Brazil, and North Argentina. In the wild, their diet of deer, wild boar, birds, water animals like fish, is known to be very fierce. However, there was also a daring capture of this snake in the nest, even using very simple method. Just look the pictures of catching process the snake in the nest.

Top Strange Animal: Exotic of Borneo (Indonesia)

Borneo has long been known for its reputation as a mysterious secret garden. The island is home to various flora and fauna are unique and exotic.

Top Great Animal: Frog Species diversity in Colombia

Frogs are amphibians that many around us. But who would have thought the frog species in the world was very diverse. To explore the things that's majoring in Biology of the Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, conducting research on various species of frogs that live in Colombia.

Top Great Animal: Baby White Tiger Safari Park Germany Collection

Four White Tiger babies were born in the Safari park in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock Stukenbrock, Germany on February 14, 2011 to coincide with Valentine's Day. On 19 April, four cute animals for the first time were shown to the public. Photo: AP Photo / Frank Augstein

Top Great Animal: Baby Elephant Australia Zoo Collection

Luk Chai, a young elephant at Taronga zoo in Australia that this two-year-old was the first elephant born at Taronga Zoo. Luk Chai celebrated his birthday with family other Thai elephants by playing ball.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top Great Animal: Giant Crocodiles in Adelaide River (Darwin)

DARWIN - On the waters of the Adelaide river, there is a big crocodile. It is not fear, but fear of residents to the big crocodile is actually an attraction for the residents who fear but also curious to see closely how the shape of the crocodile.
One of the tourists who are interested and have felt the sensation of being close to a giant crocodile is Bridgeford Katrina. Katrina who is a photographer it did not escape the giant crocodile target 5.4 meters long and weigh 2 tons which emerged from the water immediately attracted by the lure of the tour guides who depend kangaroo meat by using a pole.

Top Strange Animal: A Gull Alive Despite Its Head Pierced Arrows

This bird was found by Graham Rhodes, a photographer who lives in Scarborough, who said he was surprised. This is the second case in the Bank Burr.